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Discover What’s Most Effective?


Breast Enlargement ResultsAs per a recent national survey, 8 out of 10 women want a bigger breast. Major reason was to improve physical appearance and boost self esteem. While others ranging from correcting asymmetrical shape to restoring pre-pregnancy body.

What’s the best way?

With surgical procedures losing popularity due to the life long associated care needed, increased risk of cancer, high cost etc. More and more are women taking up natural options that are safe, effective and economical. But market is full of products each claiming to increase breast size fast. But finding the most effective way to enlarge breast without surgery can be confusing.

At, we purchased and tested over 17 of the top selling breast enlargement methods to decide which technique works best and is the right option.

The methods we researched consisted of popular pills, creams, lotions, homeopathic solutions and pumps. The result is a comprehensive detailed review of the top 3 best performing breast enhancement pill and cream combination products. If you’re looking to increase breast size naturally — these top 3 happening products can give you the best results available anywhere.

#1 Breast ActivesBreast Actives

Manufactured and marketed by Marketh Health, Inc, Breast Actives comprises of herbal pills, a clinically proven cream and an exercise routine. Both the cream and the pill contain a blend of all natural plant-based ingredients which are high in Phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens is similar to estrogen hormone which reacts with estrogen receptors in the breasts to enlarge and enhance female boobs without causing any side effects.

Breast Actives cream works externally and the oral pills and exercise routine boosts growth from within.  Our research concludes that user satisfaction rate for Breast Actives is highest among all products we tested. Past users have reported Breast Actives to be superior to any other breast enhancer available at the moment.

Being all natural the results are reported to come slower but they are well worth the wait. Further it doesn’t have any side effects that come with surgical procedures.

  • Perkier, larger and younger looking breasts
  • Clinically proven permanent breast enhancement
  • All natural
  • Works on all areas: thighs, buttocks, legs and arm
  • Effective for women of all ages
  • Side effect free

Bottom line:

Breast Actives case studies show that this product works well for breasts affected by weight loss, childbirth and even for older women with sagging breast. Upon verifying with past user testimonials we found best and long lasting results come with 4-5 months of usage.

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Detailed Breast Acrtives Information

#2 BrestrogenBrestrogen Cream

Brestrogen comes at No. 2 in our rankings. Brestrogen bust serum is a new dermatologically and clinically approved breast enlargement serum.  It consists of Mirofirm which slowly works by strengthening the milk ducts and expanding the fat tissues in the breast, as a result of this one gets firmer and larger breasts without surgery.

Clinical studies found that 80% of people noticed slightly larger breasts after six weeks, whilst 87% reported a lifting of their breasts and 93% noticed that their breasts were firmer, overall it added volume and shape.

We found this formula to be safe to use because it uses pure organic ingredients and does not contain any chemicals, unhealthy preservatives or artificial coloring. Also we did not found any reports of side effects.

  • Clinically proven to work
  • All natural no synthetic ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Pleasant smell
  • Effective for women of all ages
  • No sticky-greasy residue
  • Side effect free

Bottom line:

Results with Triactol are impressive. But our research found that Triactol worked a bit slower than Breast Actives program.

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Detailed Breastrogen Review

#3 Total CurveTotal Curve

Total Curve is yet another popular breast enlargement program which we found to help increase women’s bust size. Total Curve supplement consists of pills that work by stimulating the growth of breast tissue. In the process, it also uplifts, firms and tightens the boobs.

The thirteen potent herbs used in Total Curve formula that help breast tissue to expand and grow are in the US FDA’s GRAS list – Generally Recognized as Safe. This at home remedy comes in as a close third in our ratings. We found Total Curve to be effective for women having under-developed or small size breast for different causes.

  • All natural
  • Side effect free

Bottom Line:

Total Curve is not a cheap program but is one of the cost-effective ways to enhance size naturally at home. The only drawback we found with this supplement is that results start to appear slower than with Breast Actives and Triactol.

Detailed Review

How to we rated different methods to enhance breast size without surgery?

When looking at alternative methods, there are certain points that we considered in our research study. Few of these include:

  • Effectiveness:  Do pills, crèmes really work? Do they live up to their claims of increasing cup sizes?
  • Side Effects: Are there any form of side effects mild or severe to worry about?
  • Convenience:  How convenient is the solution for daily usage?
  • Cost:  Is the cost of the product competitive with other alternative ways.
  • Past user experience: Past user success is the strongest indication we take into consideration. There is no better way to know the best option than directly inquiring from women who have had successfully increased bust size.

What Results can you expect?

While the potential for results varies from one individual to another due to factors such as metabolism, body chemistry, lifestyle etc. After viewing large number of before and after pictures, our data indicates that users of above mentioned formulas can achieve an enlargement of 1 cup-size in 4 months, while also experiencing firmness and fullness.
Maximum results come in 6 months and there is need to continue after 6 months.

Our Rankings:

You’ll notice that we favor natural programs than expensive and dangerous surgery. Results do come instantly with surgery in comparison to over the counter remedies. But we also witnessed few cases with disastrous results because of surgical methods gone wrong. At the very least over the counter or topical techniques will not have life altering side effects.

An Important Tip:

Remain diligent in treatment application – although it may be difficult to get used to daily pill dosage or cream application, it’s vital to get into a routine and stick with it! We found that nearly 50% of the failures attributed to inconsistent dosage.

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